8 Helpful Potty Training Tips From the Experts

1. Determine if your child is ready for toilet training

This is a very important step. Take a moment and decide if your child is truly ready for potty training. Start with your child’s verbal skills. Will they be able to understand your basic instructions?

Can they communicate problems, and feelings back to you? You don’t want to start potty training with confusion and failure. It will only set your efforts back in the long run.

An easy way to tell if your child is ready is by watching their behavior. Are they trying to be more independent? Are they suddenly dressing themselves, or doing things you used to do for them. If so this is the perfect time to start the training process.

2. Clear your schedule

When you are ready to start potty training it’s important to make sure you have enough time. If you can afford a few vacation days and extend your weekend this would help a lot.

If not try to make it known to the babysitter, grandparents etc… that your potty training now and ask for help with this effort. Pack a few extra clothes for them and absolutely no diapers once your start! It’s also a good idea to avoid house guest, or anything out of the ordinary that might affect your new routine.

3. Purchase A Potty Training DVD

We are selling the best potty training video out there. However, this is a legitimate tip. A video will greatly enhance your child’s interest in the whole experience. Many of them like The Magic Bowl are designed with the child’s interest at heart.

We use music, fun, games, and rewards as inspiration for your child’s motivation. Soon they will be singing along with the videos, and trying to emulate the characters. A potty training DVD is more than just a video it’s a tool that you’ll use over and over again to get the job done quicker.

4. Let your child flush the toilet

Maybe he or she already has but, when you start the process take your child into the bathroom allow them to put some paper in the toilet and give it a flush. Make sure they are not frightened with this process. Explain to the child that there is nothing to fear when using the toilet, and that mommy, and daddy do it all the time.

5. Shopping Trip

Take your child to the store and pick out some charts and stickers. Remember to let them have a say in what they like. You can also pick up some panties, or underwear in the process. This will help them get excited for the upcoming potty training schedule.

6. Try to start potty training in the summer

If you can start potty training when warmer weather comes around it’s a good option. Your child will be wearing less layers of clothes, and it will help with their response to feeling wet, or dirty.

7. Once you take the diaper away

Do not give it back. You have to stay committed even if there are accidents along the way. If they ask for the diaper back remind them that they are big kids now, and that’s why they are getting (your reward) now.

8. One final potty training tip

If your child likes to smack the toilet paper roll while sitting squash it. When you put the new roll on flatten it as much as possible. It will make it harder to roll, and help with wasted paper, or needless clean up.

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