Potty Training Regression

You’ve been potty training and everything is going smoothly. Then, out of no where your toddler starts having accidents again. There are many reasons why a child’s potty training progress may suddenly slow.

Look for a change in their daily routine. It usually stems around an event such as a birth, a death in the family, or change in the classroom or daycare. Sometimes a divorce or separation can put enough stress on a child to regress your potty training efforts.

Children are always learning new skills as toddlers. Sometimes though commonly overlooked a natural regression can occur when learning a new skill. Once, a child masters a skill they naturally seek to learn a new one.

In that process they sometimes leave an old skill behind. You’ll notice this happening if the child is suddenly to busy to use the potty. Or, they forget while playing with their new bike, or toy. They are just occupied learning a new part of their world.

Here are a few ways to tackle potty training regression.

Now is not the time to start punishing, or expressing disappointment when an accident occurs. This may stress your child out even further and do more harm, than good.

Set their priorities straight. If you feel it’s been too long since their last bathroom break then make them go. Do not take “no” for an answer on this one. Often times a child simply doesn’t want to be interrupted to take the bathroom break.

Start rewarding them for potty training success again. Use encouragement and happiness when they perform the task you are asking of them.
If you taught them the potty training process using The Magic Bowl video, now would be a good time to start watching it again if you aren’t already.

Be aware if you have other siblings or your child is in a group environment they may simply be afraid of loosing their toy. If this is the case you should still make them take a bathroom break. Simply promise to watch over the toy until they get back. Make sure you don’t break this promise.

If they come out of the bathroom to find their puzzle destroyed, or their toy taken they will loose a lot of trust in this request. Make sure you let them know that if they have to go potty you will watch over their toy in the future. Tell them to inform you when they have to go, and you’ll stand guard.

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